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For us and for many women, the discomfort associated with sweating and chafing that crops up in a ton of situations gave us a lot of unaddressed hell. Tight, unbreathable clothes, crappy weather, and high intensity activity alone can easily spell disaster for any woman looking to attract the requisite admiration throughout her day. There had to be a better way.

We collaborated with some of the finest lab professionals using only the finest ingredients available to address the annoyance and discomfort sweat and chafing can cause. We focused on effectiveness and gentleness in equal measure to ensure that all women—no matter their skin type—can use Majesty Shield™ as aggressively as they need, anywhere on their bodies.  Now available in a 3-Pack, Majesty Shield is priced so you can use it every day. Score.

Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Body Cream to Powder (3-Pack)

SKU: 295310
$29.99 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
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  • For use on any part of the body, you can rule the day in  comfortable confidence with our all natural Reign Glow Formula™. Here's the low down on how to use:


    Step 1: Squirt a quarter sized (or larger for larger areas) dollop of Majesty Shield™ onto your palm.


    Step 2: Rub the Majesty Shield™ from your palm on the area you want to keep fly + dry using a circular motion until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin. Repeat if necessary whenever.


    Step 3: Smile your majesty is saved. Go forth and rule.


    We want to make using us easy. 


    Need more info? Message Customer Service anytime. 

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