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Keep Queen.

Looking for a magic lotion to banish sweat and chafing so you can rule the day? Wish granted. Simply apply some Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder from Fresh+Queen™ to any spot in your ‘kingdom’ that sweats too much or causes discomfort and feel the difference. An impossibly simple addition to your daily routine, Majesty Shield™ is essential if you need to stay fly and dry to keep everyone in awe of your splendor.

Formulated for that whiney skin your Mama gave you, our Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder with Reign Glow Formula™ goes on easy and lasts as long as you do. Keep some in your purse, car or gym bag and enjoy a new level of comfort fit for royalty wherever and whenever.


Using us is way easy and anyone can rule their realm with confidence in seconds. View full directions on how to use below and if you have any questions at all message us—anytime. No sweat, your Majesty.™     



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Way Easy To Use.

Want to rule your majesty and banish sweat and chafing from your realm forever?  Great news, it's totally easy.  Grab your Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder and switch from ‘hot mess’ to ‘hot sh!t’ in seconds.  Calibrated for even the most sensitive skin, our body lotion is made for women who don't have time to slow down and ask a mirror anything. 

For use on any part of the body, you can rule the day in  comfortable confidence with our all natural Reign Glow Formula™. Here's the 1-2-3 on how to use:

Directions for Use.

Step 1: Squirt a quarter sized (or larger for larger areas) dollop of Majesty Shield™ onto your palm.

Step 2: Rub the Majesty Shield™ from your palm on the area you want to keep fly + dry using a circular motion until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin. Repeat if necessary whenever.

Step 3: Smile your majesty is saved. Go forth and rule.

We want to make using us easy. Need more info? Message Customer Service anytime. 

Majesty Shield

Did you have to haul ass catching the metro this morning or are you planning on wearing way too tight pants to that thing? Cue sweat and discomfort. Or not—Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is your secret weapon to rule your realm with grace and beauty whether you’re on the beach or in a board meeting.

For use any time, you can use your Majesty Shield™ as aggressively as you need to reign supreme. Best part is, Majesty Shield™ is long and strong—all day protection against sweat and chafing on any spot you’ve got. Try a new level of comfort no matter what you’re doing—Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is small enough to keep anywhere you need to touch up your flyness and stay queen for battle.


The Wizards in the Fresh+Queen™ Alchemy Lab recommend applying Majesty Shield™ after you get out of the shower and dry off for all day comfort under normal circumstances. If you’re crushing it at a mud run or scouting for booty at the hottest club in Miami, best to touch up your Majesty Shield™ whenever you can skip to the loo for maximum effect.  God speed.   

Nutshell Method

Conquer Discomfort.

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