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We keep it DL.

Fresh+Queen™ the makers of Majesty Shield™ and other fine products, are serious about protecting your privacy both when you visit our online store and when you make a purchase with us.  Fresh+Queen™ wants our website visitors to understand our policies for safeguarding customer privacy and the systems we have in place to protect the information you choose to share with us.


Your privacy is always our business.

Fresh+Queen™ never compromises its client’s information; our pledge to every visitor to our website as well as to our clients is that any and all information you transmit to us either electronically, in writing, or otherwise will never be stored nor disseminated without your explicit instructions to do so.  We are real people too and understand the inherent risks and annoyance misuse or mishandling of our personal information causes.  As a result, Fresh+Queen™ makes this six-fold pledge regarding your privacy:


We NEVER collect any information unless you explicitly instruct us to.


We will NEVER sell, distribute, publish, or share any client information with anyone, ever.


We will NEVER send you annoying emails, solicitations, promotions or other marketing materials using information you have provided to us, ever.


We will ALWAYS guard any information you give us as if it were our own; with the utmost care, concern and confidentiality.


We will ALWAYS utilize the latest security features to protect our clients in browsing our site and transacting business with us.


We will ALWAYS ship our products to clients discreetly so your purchase stays your business and your business alone.​ 

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