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We have an intrepid network of ninja fulfillment agents working 24/7 to get you all of your favorite Fresh+Queen products through this challenging time. All orders ship within 24 hours of ordering. No exceptions. It's the least we can do. Spread love, not the virus. 

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Majesty Shield

Want to banish sweat, stickiness, and chafing from your realm forever?  It's totally easy.  Grad some Majesty Shield Body Lotion and switch from 'hot mess' to 'hot sh!t' in mere seconds.  Calibrated for even bitchy skin, our body lotion is for women who don't have time to slow down to ask a mirror anything.


Rule on any throne.

Why Fresh+Queen?

Today women have a fundamental problem, kick ass—at everything—without breaking a sweat and smelling like a longshoreman. Guys often get a pass, but not us.  The feminine mystique doesn’t include a fop sweat and odor. Factor in all of the futuristic fabrics we force ourselves into that have the fit and breathability of a plastic bag, and even a queen can lose her composure. 


So what to do?    

For a woman to maintain her majesty from the gym to the bar to the boardroom she has to be equipped to stay fly and dry no matter what the situation. No one cares that it’s hot as hell and humid as a swamp, you have to exude cool, composed, confidence to win the day. Enter Majesty Shield™ from Fresh+Queen™, your secret weapon to banish discomfort and rule fresh all day.

For Majesty Shield™ Body Lotion, Fresh+Queen™ developed the novel Reign Glow Formula™ calibrated for women’s skin and ‘fun’ zones that controls sweat and chafing so you can go hard without compromising your flyness.  Fresh+Queen™ believes it’s easier for women to succeed when they feel good and look how they want. With Majesty Shield™ any woman can take on the day looking and feeling great whatever the circumstances.

Using only the finest ingredients and the most rigorously tested formula ever, Fresh+Queen created an essential element to the daily beauty regimen that any queen can use to rule her realm without discomfort.  Long live your flyness.

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The Royal Treatment.

Fresh+Queen™ employs a top-tier manufacturing facility in Southern California, USA that uses only the most cutting edge techniques and equipment available in the industry to produce our signature Majesty Shield™ Body Lotion.  Not only that, all Fresh+Queen™ facilities are operated using 100% solar energy to help preserve Earth’s majesty too.

The Wizards in the Fresh+Queen™ Alchemy Lab—as they are affectionately known—are constantly pouring over clinical feedback and fine-tuning every aspect of our Reign Glow Formula™ to achieve a quality control other labs cannot.  Fresh+Queen™ takes all client suggestions seriously and works to incorporate the best ingredients and features our very demanding clients require of all our products.

Every client’s experience using Fresh+Queen™ products is important to us.  Anyone is encouraged to contact our Product Development Group with comments or suggestions regarding product performance, features or ingredients. Your wish is their command.

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No dyes, fillers, or fragrance makes skin happy.

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