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Fresh+Queen™ was established by some women (and a guy) that are serious about banishing sweat and discomfort from their daily experience. We’re just like you—we worry about our ‘majesty’ being smothered by our active lifestyle so we came up with a plan: give ourselves a top-tier lotion that saves us from sweat and chafing on any part of the body—and make it cheap.

Next came the hard part—making it.

We consulted with some of the finest clinical and laboratory scientists in the world to find the best ingredients, ratios, and performance available in an anti-sweat and anti-chafing lotion. The result speaks for itself.  Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is an essential part of our beauty regimen almost every day because it works to keep sweat and uncomfortable skin-on-skin contact in check. And it’s totally inexpensive. Finally, right?


Fresh+Queen™ is excited to give every woman the opportunity to be confident and comfortable no matter what they’re doing in a simple, safe, and effective format. We hope we didn’t disappoint. Give us a try and, Long live your majesty™.   


Stop digging your underwear out of your butt.

Fresh+Queen™ was created by a few friends who were looking for a better way to manage body sweat and stickiness. For women today, we're expected to do it all and shine like beacons of freshness and beauty. Something's gotta give. And it often does.

If you find yourself constantly fishing your thong out of your butt, or itching in all of the wrong places, or mopping up sweat saving the day here or there, you understand. Threats to your majesty abound throughout the day. But it doesn't have to spoil your reign. 

Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder was specifically designed to make it easy to stay fly and dry all day long. Apply just a little to the trouble spots in your realm that give you too much sweat or grief and get the royal treatment. And we made it inexpensive too, so no excuses.

We source only the finest ingredients and packaging materials from around the world. All Fresh+Queen™ products are proudly made in the USA.


Help Us Keep Earth Queen.

Fresh+Queen™ is focused on reducing and offsetting the impact that our manufacturing and fulfillment operations may have on the environment.


Fresh+Queen employs a number of protocols with the goal of reducing waste material from our production and fulfillment facilities, reusing storage and shipping modules, boxes, skids, and wrapping used in product fulfillment, and utilizing recyclable and biodegradable components in all of our products.


Fresh+Queen™ produces all of its products in a state-of-the-art laboratory, production, and storage facility in Southern California powered by 100% solar energy. Seriously. 


Fresh+Queen™ believes strongly that taking care of the environment is something everyone can do. Help us protect Mother Earth by recycling your empty product tubes and any packaging you receive. Every little bit helps.

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