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  • What is Fresh+Queen™?
    Fresh+Queen was founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, California for the sole purpose of developing, perfecting, and distributing the safest, most effective women's sweat shield and anti-chafing cream ever. Specifically, Fresh+Queen created Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder, comprised of the Reign Glow Formula™ and fine ingredients to check body sweat and skin-on-skin discomfort on any body part(s). Created by and for women, Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is the standard for safe, effective sweat and chafing management in even the most sensitive spots.
  • How is Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ different than other lotions?
    Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is the industry standard for super-sensitive body sweat prevention and chafing management because of it's unique Reign Glow Formula™ that uses our special blend of all natural ingredients that allows for superb sweat wicking and anti-chafing anywhere you've got skin. It was developed specifically by, and for, women and was calibrated from the ground up with a totally unique set of ingredient ratios. Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder is also the only cream of it's kind that comes with a fortifying skin lotion element to not only stop discomfort dead in it's tracks, but to also enrich the skin. Deodorants, anti-perspirants and other products toxify your skin and leave it pissed off and irritated with subpar results. Not Majesty Shield™. Years of sweating our asses off when we're out dancing or in a crowded bar only to break out or get a rash because of some harsh additives in our beauty products, taught us gentle skin fortification is a must for anything that goes on our skin--especially in sensitive spots. Finally, Fresh+Queen™ uses only the finest ingredients and manufacturing methods available to produce our topical formulas. Other companies use cheap ingredients and harsh dyes, fillers, and perfumes to mask the weak performance of their products. And their methods aren't 'pretty' sometimes. either. At Fresh+Queen™ we only use the purest, most natural, and highest quality components we can find to keep your skin reigning majesty.
  • Where is Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder made?
    Fresh+Queen maintains its storage, laboratory, clinical, manufacturing, and packaging facilities in Southern California, USA.
  • How often may I use my Majesty Shield™?
    You can use Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder almost anytime and in almost any place on the body you want to manage sweat, chafing, or general discomfort. We purposefully made the Reign Glow Formula™ sensitive enough for a baby's skin so that you may use it as aggressively as your activity level or needs require. Remember that best time to apply Majesty Shield™ is when your skin is clean and dry. Although you may absolutely reapply it when necessary throughout the day.
  • Is Fresh+ Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder safe?
    Fresh+Queen adheres to the highest industry standards in acquiring our ingredients, developing our topical formulas, and packaging all of our products to achieve optimal results, safely. All Fresh+Queen™ products are developed, tested, manufactured and stored in FDA licensed facilities that are regularly inspected for health and safety compliance so our clients can know they get only the best for their bodies. All Fresh+Queen™ products are regularly tested in a rigorous clinical environment to ensure that whatever your skin type, you can use any Fresh+Queen™ product with confidence and ease. For more information regarding our safety protocols and clinical testing, you can contact Client Relations. Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all Fresh+Queen™ products are also available upon request by emailing Customer Service.
  • Does Fresh+Queen™ ship internationally?
    Yes, Fresh+Queen via does fulfill international orders. Yay!
  • Does Fresh+Queen™ test on animals?
    Neither Fresh+Queen LLC nor its laboratory, clinical, or manufacturing facilities or protocols ever allow for the use of animals in any capacity. Fresh+Queen™ was founded on creating love, not cruelty.
  • May I distribute Fresh+Queen™ products in my market?
    Fresh+Queen LLC is always looking for positive business relationships with proven sellers who have a true desire to bring Fresh+Queen™ to their neck of the woods. Email Customer Service with any queries regarding Fresh+Queen™ Distributorship.
  • May men use Majesty Shield™?
    Of course. All Fresh+Queen™ products are safe for men to use on any part south of the neck--external use only. Go get 'em.
  • What should I do if I experience irritation?
    If for some reason you experience an adverse reaction to using your Majesty Shield™ make sure to clean the area affected with unscented glycerin body wash or other mild soap and discontinue use. You may apply a neutral body lotion to the site as well. If you need more information, don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Service via email.
  • Why should I use Fresh+Queen™?
    No one likes to be sweaty and uncomfortable. Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ provides an effective option to avoid those common conditions. Whether you're a high school athlete, working Mom, a yoga instructor, or leading an uncomfortable business meeting with hostile participants, staying fly and dry is essential. When we're sweaty and uncomfortable it's impossible to reign with confidence because you're self-conscious and annoyed. If you could have a lost cost, easy to use, safe option to banish all of that angst wouldn't you? We would too. That's why we founded Fresh+Queen™--for women everywhere, of every description, doing whatever in comfort and majesty.
  • I never received my order, what should I do?"
    At Fresh+Queen™ we're dedicated to making every transaction a pleasant experience, every time. If for some reason you did not get your order by the expected delivery date outlined in your tracking information, simply let Customer Service know via email and we'll track down, replace, or refund your order within 24 hours.
  • I need to return my order, what should I do?"
    If for any reason you need to return your ordered items to Fresh+Queen™ simply send an email to Customer Service and they will handle your return and refund immediately.
  • I received the wrong order, what should I do?"
    If for some reason you received the wrong order simply reach out to Customer Service via email and they will handle a refund, replacement, or return immediately.
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