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Long Live Your Majesty.

Are you sick and tired of sweat and discomfort shading your majesty? We were too. Banish sweat, stink, and annoying chafing with our way effective Majesty Shield Cream to Powder. Whether you’re feeling adventurous on the beach or nervous in a job interview, reign supreme with our super sensitive formula made of all natural elements. Simply apply your Majesty Shield™ to any part of your realm to keep the peace and rule with confidence no matter what the conditions. Stock up on bundled packs to save serious scratch. Yay! 

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Our Magic Lotion.

At Fresh+Queen we believe in using only the finest ingredients in our products to achieve superior results, every time. We never use dyes, fillers, or harsh perfumes because your skin has enough to worry about.  


When sweat isn't an Option.

Fresh+Queen went overboard developing and testing its signature Reign Glow Formula for Majesty Shield. It took forever. No clinical questionnaire was left unturned or ingredient uninvestigated in our bid to produce the most effective sweat and chafing barrier for women, ever. Being women, we’re acutely aware of the stress we put on our bodies just doing the things we do every day. 

For us and for many women, the discomfort associated with sweating and chafing that crops up in a ton of situations gave us a lot of unaddressed hell. Tight, unbreathable clothes, crappy weather, and high intensity activity alone can easily spell disaster for any woman looking to attract the requisite admiration throughout her day. There had to be a better way.

We collaborated with some of the finest lab professionals using only the finest ingredients available to address the annoyance and discomfort sweat and chafing can cause. We focused on effectiveness and gentleness in equal measure to ensure that all women—no matter their skin type—can use Majesty Shield as aggressively as they need, anywhere on their bodies. 

At Fresh+Queen we’re proud to give women a must-have product to give them confidence and comfort whatever life throws at them. Give us a try and reign, your Majesty.

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Use on all fun zones.

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