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Are you sick and tired of sweat and discomfort shading your majesty? We were too. Banish sweat, stink, and annoying chafing with our way effective Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder. Whether you’re feeling adventurous on the beach or nervous in a job interview, reign supreme with our super sensitive formula made of all natural elements. Simply apply your Majesty Shield™ Cream to Powder to any part of your realm to keep the peace and rule with confidence no matter what the conditions. Stock up on bundled packs to save serious ducats. Yay! 

Fresh+Queen™ Majesty Shield™ Body Cream to Powder (2-Pack)

SKU: 421870
$19.99 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price
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  • For use on any part of the body, you can rule the day in  comfortable confidence with our all natural Reign Glow Formula™. Here's the low down on how to use:


    Step 1: Squirt a quarter sized (or larger for larger areas) dollop of Majesty Shield™ onto your palm.


    Step 2: Rub the Majesty Shield™ from your palm on the area you want to keep fly + dry using a circular motion until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin. Repeat if necessary whenever.


    Step 3: Smile your majesty is saved. Go forth and rule.


    We want to make using us easy. 


    Need more info? Message Customer Service anytime. 

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